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I cleared SCJP 1.6 on 13 June 2009 with 95% (69 questions correct out of 72). After completion of my exam I started a thread in “orkut SCJP” community stating about the completion of my exam. Later I got a lot of emails and scraps asking questions related to my preparation. So I thought of sharing about the secret of my success.

How to prepare for SCJP 1.6
Let me tell you one thing, the exam is very very very easy. But what you need is to focus  on fundamentals. The exam  will test a lot about your understanding about fundamentals rather than API content. I will divide this section into 3 parts.

Part 1 : Books I have followed
  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide  by Kathy Sierra and BertBates. Publishers Tata McGraw-Hill. Price – Rs 525
I don’t know whether you believe or not I just followed this one wonderful book. The author has explained all the fundamentals in a crystal clear manner and you love reading the book.

I have made a small notes which I am planning to share with you guys Click here to view my notes.

Don’t try to cram java, try to understand the language and its fundamentals. Write small programs while you prepare, believe me this will help a lot.
Part 2 :  Time taken to prepare.

It took  me 6 months to prepare ( this is completely different from person to person) . I have seen a lot of threads in orkut communities stating that they have cleared scjp with 2 – 30 days of preparation.  But believe me if you really want to understand the underlying concepts of java and if you want to excel in the market atleast prepare for 3 months.

Part 3 : Website URLs / Softwares that  I have followed to practice SCJP.
  • Softwares
  1. Whizlab SCJP 1.5 Simulator
  2. LearnKey Master exam – (I got this software with Kathy sierra book. This was the toughest exam which I have practiced.
  • Website URL’s

Any more doubts mail  @

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