Question 31 :

Which of the following statements are true about the relationships between the following classes?
Select three choices.
a.) A Bar is a Baz
b.) A Foo has a Bar
c.) A Baz is a Foo 
d.) A Foo is a Baz
e.) A Baz has a Bar

Question 32 :

How many objects will be eligible for garbage collection after the execution of line 9 in the following code?
a.) 8
b.) 14
c.) 15
d.) 16

Question 33 :

Which of the following statements about the following code fragment are true? 
Select 2 choices

a.) The code compiles successfully and displays "Test". 
b.) Changing the code at line 13 to "public void print(int x)" will allow the code to compile correctly. 
c.)The code fails to compile. The compiler complains about duplicate methods. 
d.) Changing the return type on line 13 from 'void' to 'int' will allow the code to compile correctly

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