Question 22 :

What is the result of compiling and running the given code?
Choose one answer.

a. Compiler error :intValue method not defined in Number 
b. Prints "Error" 
c. Prints 4,455 
d. Prints 4455 
e. Prints 4455.67

Question 23 :

What will happen when you attempt to compile and run the given code?
Choose one answer.

a. It will print - false, true, false 
b. It will print - true, true, false 
c. It will print - false, false, false 
d. It will print - true, false, false 
e. Compilation error 
f. ClassCastException at runtime

Question 24 :

Consider the following code statement.

Choose one answer 
a. f.parseFloat("2.718")
b. f.valueOf("3.1421") 
c. f.byteValue() 
d. f.setValue(Math.PI) 
e. None of these
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