New Sun Java Programmer Plus ( SJPP )

Sun is going to launch a new exam called Sun Java Programmer Plus (SJPP) certification exam. This is a performance based exam that means you will required to code solutions to the problems rather than answering multiple choice questions (just like SCJP .. good isn’t ??).  Sun is launching a beta exam on 22 July 2009.


Sign up for beta exam for free.

Selected participants are allowed to take a free beta exam from July 22, 2009 to July 31, 2009. If you want to be one among them click this link (Beta Request Form ) to download the application form. I have applied for the beta exam, but haven’t got any confirmation yet.


Frequently Asked Questions ( Directly copied from Sun Website) .

Q: Why should I take the performance exam? I am already certified as a Java Programmer.
A: The benefit to the Programmer is the ability to update current skills and practically demonstrate those skills in addition to knowledge. The performance exam provides current employers with the confidence that an employee has the problem solving skills they need on a day to day basis, using Java to design and develop applications effectively.

Q: Will this exam replace the current Java Programmer exam?
A: Sun believes that performance based Java Programming certification provides both candidates and employers with greater assurance that their skills will meet the needs of the Java Programmer role. Sun will retire the prior versions of the Java Programmer certification in the near future. Sun will provide a public notification of at least 90 days in advance of any exam retirement.

Q: How will I or a Prospective Employer recognize the difference between the older certification and the performance-based certification?
A: The new exam will have a new name and part number, and Sun is working on developing additional benefits for candidates that achieve certification with the performance-based exam.

Q: What is the benefit of holding the Sun Certified Java Programmer Plus credential?
A: Your certification will hold the Plus designation indicating to the community and potential employers that you have performed a hands-on certification using Java SE 6. The hands-on certification test requires skills in analysis, creation, troubleshooting, and code testing in a secure, proctored testing environment. The Java Programmer Plus certification will truly set you apart fromnon-certified programmers and certified Java Programmers with legacy credentials.

Q: What is the benefit to an employer of Sun Certified Java Programmer Plus?
A: Employers benefit from the Java Programmer Plus certification by gaining the piece of mind that their employee or potential employee can take a given programming problem, understand the issue, design a solution, implement it, and test for accuracy, in a high stakes certification test. Employers can make better hiring decisions, retain top performers by offering the certification opportunity to them, and go to market with the benefit of industry recognized credentialed staff handling client and internal developments.

Q: What version of Java SE does the exam cover?
A: The performance exam covers objectives from the current Java SE 6 Platform.

Q: How does the Java Programmer Plus Performance exam work? Do I need to write specific syntax, comments, etc?
A: The exam evaluates your ability to write Java code that will successfully compile and return the results requested in the problem statement. The test leverages the Code Challenge engine presented previously at JavaOne. The engine evaluates the code by running a number of test harnesses against the code and comparing the results. Your code must compile properly, but is not checked for specific syntax, comments or style - it just has to meet the requirements of the problem statement.

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