I am not providing answers to the questions because I want you to try for the answers. 

If you didnot get them, dont worry take a notepad and write java code and then compile. This will enhance your java coding capability.

Question 1 : 
Which of the following lines will not compile ?? Choose Two.

Options :
a. Line 1 
b. Line 2 
c. Line 3 
d. Line 4 
e. Line 5 
f. Line 6

Question 2 :
What will be the result of an attempt to compile and run the following program? (Choose 1 Answer)

Answers :
a. Result cannot be predicted 
b. Prints "ABAB" or "BABA" 
c. Prints "AABB" or "BBAA" 
d. Compiler Error 
e. An exception is thrown

Question 3 :
Given that a static method doIt() in the Work class represents work to be done, which of the following blocks of code will succeed in starting a new thread that will do the work?

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